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The Girl on Mill Street

A Psychological



          New for 2016!

In matters of sexuality we are at present, every one

of us, hypocrites.

--Sigmund Freud

One is very crazy when in love.

       --Sigmund Freud.

Annie's Story is a smart 
​Whodunit from the first pages,
with a sympathetic female voice, psychological twists, courtroom
​suspense and an ending that
will sock you in the gut.
​What happened to Annie Taylor will haunt you with the reality of things
that can go wrong in justice. 
​​Very wrong.  

"I sat behind my dad all during the trial. I
watched the witch hunt. It didn't matter that
the evidence was all circumstantial. It didn't matter that my dad was a famous Freudian psychiatrist who had helped thousands of people. What mattered was that my mom's
and dad's sex life was paraded in front of
the world. 

"Now I feel like I’m in the middle of an Escher painting where up is down
and the truth is worse than a lie. 
I now know that the truth doesn’t 
always help. It​​ doesn’t always change
things. Sometimes justice is delayed. 
Sometimes it’s even denied.
People tell me it’s not personal.  
But it is."

--Annie Taylor

Peter Gilboy