Praise for The American Pearl
  The plot is as good as it gets. I've rarely seen such a masterful mixing of past and

  present. The characters are as real as rain. I have met these people. Combat

  veterans with brutal memories and major trust issues. Asian peasants who look

  simple but who are, in fact, more complex than you could ever begin to fathom.

  Insufferable spies and bureaucrats with jobs and attitudes larger than life.

  I love the characters in The American Pearl. I love Patricia Pavlik as much as I love

  Quintyn, and Quintyn is as much like me as any character I've ever seen in any

  novel I've ever read. Peter Gilboy is just a great writer. I’m more than a little

  envious. And, oh yeah, the writing is fantastic. 

                 --Ray Simmons, reviewed for Readers' Favorite 

The American Pearl is 

“..engrossing, thought-provoking, and filled with action

that makes it a different,highly recommended read”

“…hard-hitting, absorbing, and hard to put down”

The American Pearl “embraces politics,racism, war, redemption,

betrayal, and even love, on many levels.

 --MidWest Book Reviews
  D. Donavon, Senior Editor​


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Patricia was left behind at the end of its most notorious war. She's still trying to come home.

Quintyn Ames is a disgruntled government worker who discovers the truth: Nobody wants her back.

Quintyn has to find out why they won't let her come home. And do something about it. 

Peter Gilboy