THE AMERICAN PEARL tells the 2006 story of QUINTYN AMES (African-American, Late 50’s) a troubled government researcher who—on his honeymoon—inadvertently discovers that a female soldier, left behind at the fall of Saigon, may be still alive and living in a remote area of LAOS.  LT.  PATRICIA PAVLIK was captured during the Easter Offensive of 1972 and mistakenly classified as “Killed in Action / Body Not Recovered.” 

But Patricia is far from KIA.  She has been fighting her own war for the last 34 years—fighting to stay alive and still trying to come home.  Both action filled and gut wrenching, Ames’ pursuit of the truth brings him face-to-face first with his own lies, and demands that we confront ours, as “The American Pearl,” interweaves Patricia’s 34-year survival ordeal with Ames’ determination to get to the truth and bring her out alive.Type your paragraph here.

Peter Gilboy