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a love story of suspense

by Peter Gilboy


"Novels don't usually open with the perp's unerring perspective as police converge

on him, arresting him and demanding to know what happened to 'the girl'. . . 

    "Novels don't often use a police invitation to spill 'what happened' as the opening

salvo in a story of deadly consequences and challenging decisions.

"But, such is the nature of Madeleine's Kiss,

which defies the common label of 'thriller' or 'mystery'

but takes both elements to an entirely new level in a production that

    displays the rare capacity to be riveting and eye-opening in its very first chapter,

when her novels are busy setting the scene and creating psyches. . .   

"What really happened to Madeleine?

The reader's about to find out - and there's not a wasted line in the entire process. . .


"This reviewer loves a good surprise.

And nothing has surprised more than the revelations of Madeleine's Kiss." 

- Midwest Book Reviews - 

   Diane Donovan - 

(Senior Reviewer)

Peter Gilboy