"In the nerve-wracking, heart-pounding tradition of John LeCarre comes a shocking suspense novel of sexual corruption and international extortion--a tale that only an intelligence insider could tell."


A Peter Gilboy Thriller!.

"Richly written debut spy thriller, with delicious turns and quirks...Gilboy clearly knows whereof he speaks. 

"He has created an intense philosophical novel."

--Kirkus Reviews

"A disturbingly memorable account of a man's search for his soul set against the background of international intrigue." --Booklist


 Peter Gains is kicked out of the 
CIA after seventeen years and he
doesn’t know why. And, he’s
forbidden from leaving the U.S.  After years of work in Germany,
Japan, Libya, and Russia, the
U.S. is the one country Gaines
knows the least. He relishes the
opportunity to see Yosemite,
Mount Rushmore, Route 66, and
other places he has never been. But Gains is haunted by
something he's done. It has to
do with Songka, a beautiful
peasant girl in Thailand.

Gaines knows that before he can
get on with his life he must go
back and undo what happened
to Songka, and save her from
the CIA’s Fantasy Plan. Gaines has no idea what he is
walking into, or the personal
and international intrigue he will
unravel as he sets his plan in

 What happens when the CIA

    gets inside your mind?

Peter Gilboy