the Prologue

"I imagine them now spinning their own bleak versions of what happened, as if it could be summed up quickly like one of Grimm's Tales.

​"But what happened to Madeleine is too terrible and ​too wonderful. Even the Brothers Grimm
​would not have risked putting it to the page."  

​Madeleine's Kiss

-a love story of suspense -

"Uniquely Gripping"
"Riveting and Eye-opening."

"This won't be your usual thriller 

or mystery read."
-- Midwest Book Reviews​

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 Madeleine's Kiss

-A love story of suspense-

"I didn’t do anything to Madeleine. I’m a

noted professor, for God's sake! Of course I  Iiked her. How could I not? She was so sweet and southern-charming and girlish. Innocent and crazy, and delightful to be with.

I helped Madeleine, that’s all. Yes, I know

  she’s  missing now, but I can explain that. I     can explain everything. I can even explain the devastating kiss, and what happened 

right afterward. I think it's actually beautiful what happened to Madeleine.

I didn't hurt her at all

"But even my lawyer didn't believe me. 

That's why I'm going to say it all right here.

 This is the story of what really happened

to Madeleine."

--Adam Snow

A Peter Gilboy  thriller!

Peter Gilboy