Peter Gilboy is a former university and college    instructor, intelligence officer, ombudsman, counselor,  truck driver, bartender and short-order cook. He has  been in jail only once.

 Peter has been traditionally published (WIlliam Morrow)  and also independently published.  He is an​  accomplished speaker in many areas, and has  appeared on radio, TV and Webinars across the  country.

 Peter is available to speak via radio, television, and  skype, and is available for guest blogging in the f  following areas:

  • Independent versus traditional publishing
  • U.S. Intelligence
  • Novel and story writing - structure, ideas, definite does and don'ts, & much more
  • How to not be a broke writer.
  • Religious traditions of Asia - Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism


Please feel free to email me personally at
Madeleine's Kiss
P.O. Box 5, Jefferson, New York 12093
If you would like to stay in touch and get a free copy of my soon-to-be-released THE WHOLE TRUTH, please leave your email here. Thank you... Peter
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Peter Gilboy